The Typical Approach To Microblading Training Is Ruining The Industry.

Amber, a 7-year innovator in microblading uncovers the secrets to high-end professional microblading services that will prevent you from wasting time and money on boondoggle programs.

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You probably know that Microblading is not a heavily regulated industry and that means you could go on Amazon right now, buy some tools and start cutting people’s eyebrows tomorrow depending on which state you live in.


But you already know that because you’ve been in the beauty industry for a while and you've seen many people get started without proper training.

The problem is that most microblading artists do some version of this:

  1. Think: “I want to make sure I do a good job so I don’t ruin someone’s face

  2. Search for a certification of some sort and can’t find one

  3. Settle for a local training to learn “Microblading” as fast as possible.

  4. Pay upwards of $3000 to $5000 for that training.

  5. Attend the 3-day training, get excited and feel like your microblading business will take over the world.

  6. Come home and get a client, friend, or family member to agree to your services due to your high energy from the class.

  7. Sweat profusely and have an anxiety attack between the last bullet point and when this “client” shows up.

  8. Nervously go through the steps you learned from your class while your new client wonders if you are qualified.

  9. OMG!!! PRAY every second during the microblading procedure that you don’t screw up this sweet human being’s face. 

  10. Pray for this person by name for another 2 weeks hoping they don’t come back angry!

  11. Swear you’ll never do it that way again

While your results might be a little different than that, we are still here to help you in your journey to perfect your microblading artistry.

Learn The Secrets To Professional Microblading

We think that anyone calling themself a microblading artist should feel completely confident in their skills to make gorgeous brows!

  1. Without drinking from a firehose “masquerading” as training.

  2. Without the anxiety and stress of messing up on a real human being.

  3. Without feeling alone as you build this new arm of your beauty services company.

Learn The Secrets To Professional Microblading

Venecia Hernandez

I looked into many education programs on microblading and was very impressed and happy when I came across a Sassy Wink Academy Ad on instagram. Thank you Amber for creating this curriculum with so much educational value! I am very happy that I decided to take the course and highly recommend it. I am so excited to start with my microblading career!

Abigail Burpee

I am so happy with my microblading training through Sassy Wink Academy. This was the second online training course I’ve taken, and I learned so much more from SassyWinks curriculum, some topics that weren’t even touched on in my previous training. This course covers every aspect of the Microblading process in depth. I’ve completed this course feeling confident in my knowledge & techniques I’ve gained from SassyWinks training program. Thank you for this wonderful program!

Brenda L. Atneosen

I'm simply just overall pleased with the opportunity that was offered to do online learning for microblading. It was fabulous to be able to learn at my own pace with my busy life. I highly recommend Sassy Wink academy to anyone that is serious about learning the technique. It's very easy to follow and understand the program.