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Microblading is a very profitable skill within the beauty industry and has become one of the most sought-after new techniques worldwide

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If you want to add extra income to what you already do or if you want to get started in the beauty industry this may be the perfect answer for you.

One of the reasons I felt obligated to create my own training years ago was because I have seen too many botched eyebrows in an industry that is not well regulated. Maybe you’ve seen it too or maybe you took a training that wasn’t tailored to your specific needs.

I set out to create the perfect comprehensive training that will give you confidence to do an amazing job each and every time.

You will have a skill that will provide you a profitable income now and for many years to come.

As a pioneer microblading artist, I’ve performed thousands of services and trained hundreds of people who have used this new skill to make more money, set their own hours, and take control of their future.

I’ve trained a variety of different students from all walks of life. I have trained beauty professionals including estheticians, makeup artists, hairdressers and permanent makeup technicians.

I have also worked with individuals looking to just break into the beauty industry with the skill of microblading.

So how do you know if it’s the right thing for you?

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I looked into many education programs on microblading and was very impressed and happy when I came across a Sassy Wink Academy Ad on instagram. Thank you Amber for creating this curriculum with so much educational value! I am very happy that I decided to take the course and highly recommend it. I am so excited to start with my microblading career!

-Venecia Hernandez

I am so happy with my microblading training through Sassy Wink Academy. This was the second online training course I’ve taken, and I learned so much more from SassyWinks curriculum, some topics that weren’t even touched on in my previous training. This course covers every aspect of the Microblading process in depth. I’ve completed this course feeling confident in my knowledge & techniques I’ve gained from SassyWinks training program. Thank you for this wonderful program!

-Abigail Burpee

I'm simply just overall pleased with the opportunity that was offered to do online learning for microblading. It was fabulous to be able to learn at my own pace with my busy life. I highly recommend Sassy Wink academy to anyone that is serious about learning the technique. It's very easy to follow and understand the program.


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Earn an income that truly changes your life and do it all while setting your own schedule:

All numbers are approximate and may vary depending on the work you're willing to invest, clientele, location, and marketing. Results may vary and are not guaranteed.


Average service charge (approx. depending on market and area)


Weekly Income: Based on 5 clients per week



Annual Income: low end (not including tips)


It is our passion to watch our client’s business take off as they introduce microblading into their list of services.  Don’t miss out on the latest beauty techniques and schedule your consultation today.

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